In collaboration with Esther Mcgomery and Vanessa Smith
Perth, Australia 2018
© Courtesy the artist. An International Art Space commission for spaced 3: north by southeast. 


Olen Sami

In collaboration with Sami, Helsinki 2020

Ei haittaa et kuvat ei mee yhtee

In collaboration with Inari Porkka, Loviisa 2020

Sauna Obscura

Sauna Obscura, floating sauna and camera, Uusikarlepyy 2004

Sauna Obscura

Sauna Obscura, floating sauna, camera, artwork.

Enjoy sauna inside a camera! Sauna Obscura is a floating sauna that at the same time works as a camera obscura. The surrounding landscape is reflected as a living picture on the inside walls of the sauna, the steam and the bodies of the bathers. We are moving on the borderline of person and space, between inner and outer rooms. Sauna Obscura is a mobile artwork by Heidi Lunabba.

Camera and sauna? Camera obscura (lat. dark room) is a box or room that is totally isolated from light. If one makes a tiny hole in the wall of the room, the lightbeams will draw the outer view on the opposite wall. In Sauna Obscura the camera room is a sauna, the bather can follow a moving image of what is outside the sauna. Diving in to the water surrounding the sauna the bather will still be in the sauna as part of the image projected on the wall. Sauna Obscura has visited Uusikarlepyy, Vaasa, Rauma, Tammisaari, Helsiki, Turku, Kirkkonummi and Berlin. It was part of the Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture, since 2017 it is situated in Loviisa Bay, access from Laivasilta guest harbour in Loviisa.

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En tykkää kun sanotaan äiti

In collaboration with Hanna, Helsinki 2020