Welcome to join the Othercomics project! Due to the Convid -19 situation workshops are replaced by one on one/group of friends interviews/miniworkshops.

Invitation for anyone within the rainbow community:

LGBTQIA+ -people and their children
LGBTQIA+ -people of colour
LGBTQIA+ -people with disabilities
LGBTQIA-sami people
And other minorities within the minority.

Other is a norm-critical community comics project. Through photography, text and drawn elements we tell stories about how social norms affect and limit the lives of LGBTQIA-people.

Artist Heidi Lunabba invites LGBTQIA-people for a project to create comics about stereotypes and norms and the different ways to deal with them. The project consists of a discussion , planning of the comics and photography. Heidi Lunabba leads the discussion where the starting point is the participants’ everyday experiences. The discussion on norms is structured so that it is easy for all to participate regardless of previous knowledge on the topic; we strive to create a safe space where the thoughts of all the participants can find room.

We will make comics based on what the participants want to share. The comics are made by combining photos and text. Heidi Lunabba takes care of the photography and editing, and taking the photos will happen mainly after the workshop. Each participant can choose whether they want to be recognisable in the photos or to participate anonymously.

The participants need to be willing to discuss the topic in a group, no previous experience of comics or photography is needed. The comics will be shown in an exhibition during Helsinki Pride as well as in museums or galleries and other Pride-festivals. The aim of the project is to create discussion and more space for diversity. Adults, youth and children from the age of 7 are welcome to participate. Participation is free of charge and possible costs will be covered.

Please send me an e-mail if you would like to participate