Photography, 100x150cm / 100x100cm, 20x30 cm and a installation with playing cards 15x21cm, 2011-2012

The Twins project centres on the question How do you communicate gender? Together with groups of children, I investigated how you can build a gender with the help of clothes, gestures, makeup, hair, glances and poses. We built a representation of being both boy and girl for the photographs. In each picture the same child is present twice, as a boy and a girl twin.

The basis for the project has been fashion magazines like Vogue Bambini, that specializes on fashion for children, and analysis of these magazines made by curator and Ph. d Annamari Vänskä. The exhibition deals with questions regarding different perceptions of gender and how we accentuate and define gender by visual signals, asking questions like: Can I think beyond the norms that genderize children? Why do I want to know the ‘real’ gender of the child and why is gender important at all?

Twins was first realised in Helsinki 2011 and continued in Paris in 2012. A workshop concept for groups has been developed from the project, working with children from he age of 3, scool classes, or adults, participants get to explore their own perception of gender by developing and being photographed as their imagined ”twin”.

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